Dumpster Rentals for Junk Removal

Will a dumpster fit on my driveway?Junk and Debris Removal Service in Milwaukee

I know you have junk.  We all have junk.  It is just a matter of time before things begin to accumulate. If you need to get rid of your junk, just order a dumpster from Milwaukee Dumpster Rental, fill it up, and we will haul it away for you. Simple! 

But what if you do not have space for a dumpster on your property? You will have to place it on the street and purchase a street permit and barricades to do so legally.

Here are the reasons why a dumpster may not go onto your property.

  • narrow driveway
  • no driveway or lawn
  • shared driveway
  • driveway made out of pavers
  • neighbors parking on your driveway
  • very steep driveway
  • no street parking (so you have to park in your driveway)
  • overgrown trees or shrubs
  • over-hanging roofs or awnings
  • narrow & crowded streets (preventing the driver from getting into a driveway)
  • new concrete
  • low wires
  • narrow alleyway
  • neighbors parking on your driveway
  • lazy renters (who won’t answer the door to move their vehicle)

And we will not even mention winter.

Junk removal?  

If you do not have enough room for a dumpster on your property or you just don’t want to bother with a dumpster in your driveway, we have the Junk Removal Service for you. Simply stage your items outside or in your garage, and we will load it up before hauling it away for you. 

We will send 1-2 people over to your location and they will load and haul it away.We’ll even haul away items that are not allowed in a dumpster. Learn more about the price of junk removal in the Milwaukee area.

How big is a dumpster truck?

A roll-off dumpster truck is the size of a big dump truck. The wheel base is 8-9’ wide. The mirrors measure at 11.5’ (wing span). The roll-off trucks require 14.5’ in height and 25’ when loading or unloading a dumpster/container. They also require approximately 40’ in front of the truck to get out from underneath a dumpster.

How big is a dumpster?

Roll-off dumpsters have a base of approximately 22’ X 7’ Length x Width. The difference in (size) ie 12yrd, 20yrd, 20yrd is in the height. Lugger dumpsters have a smaller base but have higher sides. Base = 16’ x 5.5’.  Length x Width. The difference in (size) ie 12yrd, 20yrd, 20yrd is in the height. What are the dimensions of roll off and lugger dumpsters?

Need to order a dumpster for junk removal? Find what you need at Milwaukee Dumpster Rental – order a dumpster online and save $20.
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