Dumpster Rentals in Milwaukee, WI

Is a mattress an item that I can dispose of in a dumpster?Dumpster Rental Milwaukee

Yes, you may dispose of a mattress. Please keep in mind that it does depend on the size of the mattress and the quantity. It is best if they are placed on the bottom of the dumpster so that you may put the remainder of your trash on the top to level it out. Roll off dumpsters are better for mattresses than luggers. 

Can chemicals be thrown into a dumpster?

No chemicals of any kind can be put in the dumpster. No liquids, paint, oil, and gas, for instance can not be disposed of into the dumpster.  What IS allowed and what is NOT allowed to be thrown into a dumpster.  For those items that cannot be put into the dumpster, we do offer a pick up service in Milwaukee only at a special rate.

Can furniture be thrown into the dumpster?

You can put furniture into the dumpster. It should be strategically placed and broken down if possible so that it is not sticking out of the dumpster. For example, if you have a dresser, you can take a hammer and break it down. Everything should be flush to the top rim of the dumpster.

Can a washer and dryer be put into a dumpster?

No, a washer and dryer cannot be placed inside of the dumpster. Electronics are also prohibited from dumpsters. For restricted items, we have a junk removal service. It is a  great way to get rid of these items. Offered in Milwaukee  area only. We offer an awesome junk removal service for those who do not have the room for a dumpster rental.

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