Milwaukee Dumpster Rental Waste Management Testimonials

Its' true, the best price on roll off / dumpsters for your waste management throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Thanks for posting the business!  It was super easy to order it online. Thanks for your help!!

Shelly - Hartford WI - Buy Sell or Trade

We'll give 5 stars based on about 20+ dumpsters ordered last year. Easy to work with, flexible and great customer service. We remodel properties in Milwaukee and a dumpster is the first thing we need on every job. Sometimes we need a replacement dumpster quickly, sometimes our guys overload a dumpster, or we get the address wrong - whenever stuff does not go as planned is when the customer service of a business gets put to the real test.

Perfect also for private use. We used to have a guy haul things away with a trailer or pickup truck. It's so much easier to call in a dumpster the day before, it can sit there until we are done and serves as a giant garbage bin until we are done. You don't need to be a contractor to order a dumpster.

Marcus A - Dumpsters for Kenosha and surrounding areas.

I was doing some remodeling...needed a dumpster....I called around town to see what would be my best option.  I was not basing everything on price alone. The people I talked to at Milwaukee Dumpster were polite and professional. The other companies I talked to were treating me like they were doing me a favor by answering a couple of really quite easy questions.
 Milwaukee Dumpster:
 1.delivered the dumpster on time
 2.put it in the right place
 3.picked it up at the time they arranged  
AND..........They were the best price.!!

 Tom - Waukesha WI

I had a great experience with Milwaukee Dumpster Rental. I had to move my mother to assisted living and needed to downsize her belongings, repair her house and put it up for sale. I contacted MDR and explained to the owner what I needed a dumpster for. After a few questions he provided a suggested dumpster size. I decided to go with the one smaller to save a few bucks. He asked where I wanted the dumpster placed and I explained behind the house, in front of the barn, left door, etc….. He suggested that I put a couple boards down so the driver would know exactly where I needed it. I showed up at 8:00 in the morning and the dumpster was already there. Not only was it in the exact spot that I put the boards but the driver also placed it on top of the boards so the roll off wouldn’t scratch up the concrete. I finished with the house and with the dumpster filled I realized he was right, I could have used one size larger dumpster. Don’t sell yourself short; make sure you order one big enough as size does matter. I finished a few days early. I had a photo shoot scheduled for the realtor the next day and called to see if he could get the dumpster picked up earlier than original planned. He was able to accommodate my needs and house turned out great. Working with MDR was a seamless transaction and I would definitely use them again.

Dennis J - Racine

Thank you for all of your excellent service on these 3 dumpsters you delivered since 12/22. I appreciate your excellence. 

Steve H - Hartford Wi

Awesome !  Thanks. Good business you run here...

John H - Elm Grove  WI

sorry for the late notice,am hoping for a Tues. pick-up.(1-20-15) Thank you for the service, would definitely recommend.

Sean M - Germantown WI 

Thank you! Just a quick note to say "Thank you" for your prompt service during the week of Christmas. Your ability to quickly remove the full dumpster and drop off an empty one during the Christmas Holiday week was greatly appreciated. Have a Happy New Year.

Steve H - West Bend WI

Dumpster is full and we are done. Need pickup asap. Thank you for your service. We will certainly recommend you.

Tom F - Wind Lake WI

Awesome service. Just what we needed! Dumpster is ready to return. We'd be interested in renting again - we have one portion of the basement we did not get to. Possibly early November and a smaller dumpster?

Maria C. - Mequon WI

This is the 2nd time I've used this dumpster rental service and both times went well. Next day delivery and pickup after contacting them which was real nice. Also the driver was careful to not damage the driveway.


Very seamless process and the online experience was terrific. Delivery was prompt. Would definitely use again.


Very easy to work with. I received next day service. Would recommend service to my friends.


It was a very good experience. The receptionist was very knowledgeable, friendly, efficient. She noticed a tree in the yard that could be a problem, but we found a solution. The drop-off and pick-up were as asked for. Thanks Again!


I was so so impressed with the pick up!!! The guy (Josh) that came to pick up the dumpster was extremely courteous. I had my vehicle parked right next to the dumpster. He could have easily left without taking it. But instead Josh knocked on my door for 10 minutes. When I finally realized he was here, Josh was so kind and polite. He had every reason to be frustrated with me but he instead smiled and told me it’s totally fine. Very professional!!!!!! I would 100% recommend Milwaukee Dumpster Rental


Delivered on time (actually had a second attempt the same day to deliver another dumpster, a mix up by the delivery company) with courtesy. Pick-up also on time and very pleasant driver, quick and efficient. Great value, happy with the service.

Hubert D.

On time, perfect placement, prompt pickup,everything you need from a disposal service.

Mark L.

I needed to gut a property and found Milwaukee Dumpster Rental online. I called and the next day they delivered my dumpster. We quickly filled that one and I ordered one to swap it out, that was done in a timely fashion and now my 30 day rental is almost over and they extended the rental because we are not done using it yet. My experience to date: I experienced courteous and prompt service at a very reasonable price. I strongly recommend them for any dumpster needs you may have!

Melonie P.

Very easy to set up online and communication. Very comparable price with more time to use than other vendors.

Monica L.

Excellent customer service, great value. Alicia was great! worked with my schedule. i definitely recommend

Donovon L.

Extremely professional, responsive, and great pricing!

Jackie G.

Very easy to deal with and no surprise charges.I would definitely use again.

Kim H.

I believe this was my 3rd dumpster rental from Milwaukee Dumpster over the years. Always fast response and great service. Will hopefully not need a dumpster for a few years now, but when/if I do, you can bet I’ll return to Milwaukee Dumpster!! Great value for the money.

Natalie K.

This place is a hidden gem. Best prices anywhere. Wish I found them before I rented a dumpster before them

Brad J.

This is by far the best option!!!! You get 30 days to grieve over dead families possessions and not feel rushed. And Jim always contacts you asap and makes it so easy... The most time I spent was just writing this review!

Eric G.

Rented a dumpster to clean out our parents house. Great customer service and affordable pricing. Would definitely use again.

Lauralei S.

I use these guys often for business. What a great organization, customer service is top notch.

Dave D.

Excellent service. Dumpster was delivered and picked up on the specific dates I requested. Price is reasonable and customer service was polite and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Dean Z.

This crew is the best. Reliable, honest, and friendly. I've used their service several times and never have I had a problem. Completely recommend.

Elizabeth B.

Great company to deal with. Great price and fast delivery.

Matt S.

Great service and experience with this company.

David B.

Great company to work with. Very reliable, and very courteous! We are rehabbers, and try and use them for all our dumpster rentals.

Nancy H.

Easy online order process, with fast, on time delivery and pick up service. Prices are fair and competitive and I had more time to fill the dumpster than other places. I will use them on any future jobs that I do.

Mike G.

Wanted to let you know that the 30yrd at xxxxx Grafton WI 53024 will be ready for pickup on Monday 10-13.
Thanks for the easy service you provide!

William H. Okauchee WI

Hi Jim,
I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Too bad today is not as nice as Saturday.

We are done with the 30 yard dumpster you delivered, so they can pick it up anytime. We'll need another one soon, but that is maybe 2 weeks away.
Thank you again for everything. I wish everyone I worked with was as professional and as competent as you are.


Neil - Mequon WI

Bill needed his dumpster to be picked before the new homeowners moved in. He still needed a dumpster so we placed it in his neighbors lot.

Bill said "Just got home. Old dumpster is gone and new one is in perfect position. Your the best!!! Thanks."

Bill L. - Milwaukee

"Thanks Jim. Your the best. I have gone with you in the past and will continue in the future." 
Bill L - Pewaukee

Kristina from Brookfield said,

"Dumpster is ready for pickup. Thank you so very much for your understanding and allowing me to keep it for an extra week. You have no idea how kind and helpful that was for us!
Thanks again."


Dumpster at xxxx W Carmen Ave Milwaukee is ready to be picked-up. Thank you again for the wonderful service.

Mike R - Milwaukee, WI

You rock Jim...Thank you!

Chris D - Menomonee Falls WI

Dumpster ready for pick up! xxxx S 60th Street, West Allis 53219. 5/31/14. Thanks for the fast service, truly appreciated!

Jen - West Allis WI

Got your message. Thank you for being so prompt, I will certainly be utilizing your Junk Removal services in the future and will send others your way too. Thanks again. 

Jim - Milwaukee

Thanks Jim, I always appreciate your quick turn around. The residents have confirmed that they will park on the street and the roofing contractor should be on site when your truck gets there. Have a great weekend!

Marcus, Brown Deer

Hi Jim,

Thank you very much for your excellent service. I will most certainly recommend you to anyone needing a dumpster Keep well.

Francois Mequon WI

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 11:40am

Last time you attempted to pickup the dumpster there was to much ice in the driveway. The ice is gone now and it can be picked up. It's the dumpster on the south side of the driveway. Also, while you're there could you put the dumpster that is on the north side in the location of the old dumpster. It's on the blacktop right now and it really shouldn't be there because it's a new driveway and the spring thaw is coming....
Robert K

Date:Mon, Mar 17, 2014 9:42pm
Thanks for doing that so quick! Looks great.

-Robert - Milwaukee

Jim - I'm finished with the 20 yard dumpster on xxxx Johnson Ave in Racine. You can pick it up at your convenience. Thanks for the great service. The 30 days was a life saver for me and my project.

Racine WI

Thank You... I am recommending you around the neighborhood..

Joann - Mequon

Good evening Jim,

The dumpster you delivered at xxxx W. Dillard in Milwaukee is ready to be picked up. Thanks for the great service we will definitely use you again

Mike P

Biergeld Properties LLC

Hi Jim

Just a note to thank you for your efforts. The dumpster is in the perfect spot and is already about a third full. thanks again

Dennis J - Menomonee Falls WI

Jim, My dumpster can be picked up anytime. Thanks for the great service.

Scott B - Port Washington WI

Hello, Jim...thanks so much for both dumpsters and the great service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will hold on to all the information for future needs. Also, I will recommend you.

Take care. Best to you and much continued success.

Patrice - Mequon

Jim G

Thank you for delivering the 8yd . Your driver put it in the exact spot I was hopping for. Please thank him for me. It makes my life much easier for the next 30 days.

Thanks again

Dave - Milwaukee

Hi Jim,

We are all done with lugger located at XXXX Silver Spring (Whitefish Bay). You can schedule pick up for it. Thank you for your help, it is always my pleasure to do business with you.


Thanks for the great service and response times.p I'll recommend and use you in the future.

C Washburn Pewaukee

My experience w/ M.D.R. was outstanding!!! The price was as low as anyone around and the service was great. Delivery & pickup was prompt. But best of all, when I needed the dumpster longer than expected, all it took was a simple phone call and I was able to keep the dumpster until my project was completed. I will recommend Milw. Dumpster Rental to anyone!!!

Jerry H. - West Bend

I just wanted to leave a message for Jim. I rented a dumpster this summer and it came at a time when work was insane and I did not get the chance to utilize it in a timely fashion but called to have it left for an additional week. we worked out the arrangements but the pick-up that was already scheduled happened anyway. I contacted Jim and was blown away by how fast he responded and more than made it right by getting another dumpster back for me the following day. The kind of service that you provide is very rare these days and I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible service and rapid resolution. I have recommended to everyone that I know that has needed a dumpster (and many that did not know they needed one) Thank you again, you have a customer for life.

Bruce M - Milwaukee

Hi Jim - You can pick up the dumpster anytime thanks for the great service as always xxxx S 37th street Milwaukee

have a blessed day

Jim-- OK to pick up dumpster at 808 XXXX Port Washington.Excellent Service!! Thanks, again

Jim S - Port Washington

Hi Jim~

the dumpster located on our property (see address below) is ready to be picked up. Thanks very much. It has been nice working with you.

Michelle Mequon WI

Hey Jim - we're all set for you to come pick up the dumpster Birchwood Dr. in Lannon. Thanks again- you delivered on-time and it was within our budget. We appreciate it!

Sara - Lannon WI

Hi Jim
You can pick up the dumpster Monday the 23 thanks again for the great service

Scott - Milwaukee

Thank You! Your driver was extremely nice ans we changed spot when he said he could tuck it back by garage. Roofers and I are pleased, thank you!

Jessica, Milwaukee

I used Milwaukee Dumpster Rental when I had my roof redone. They put it right where I asked and picked it up quickly after I called. I plan to get another one in the near future and will definately recommend the service to my friends!

Ellen - Milwaukee

The dumpster at xxxx Menomonee, in South Milwaukee, is ready for pickup. Thank you for the excellent service.

Greg R

37th Greenfield, you can pick up the dumpster anytime thanks for the great service we will call again shortly for our kitchen remodel

Scott D

Jim: I'm ready to have my 20 yd picked up from milwaukee st fredonia, wi 53021. thank-you again for your prompt service and great customer service.


Awesome. Your dumpster service is great.

Ben Cedarburg WI

Jim: The dumpster is ready for pick up.Thank you very much for making the whole rental proccese so smooth,we will keep you in mind for our future needs.

Joyce Milwaukee

Loved the website, straight forward and to the point. Conveinent for me to order on-line. Thanks for all your help will talk to you in the spring.

William K Kenosha WI

My dumpster is finally ready for a pick up. The extra week really came in handy. I've been so busy lately and thanks for being patient with all my questions. I have told some friends about your dumpster service.

Thanks Jim

Jill Mequon WI

Thanks Jim! Placement is perfect!

Crystal Brookfield WI

Thank you. It's just ready for your pickup. Thanks and its been a pleasure....

Bill Delafield WI

Thanks Jim. Glad to be working with you and recycling the roof materials. Green piece of mind.

Justin - Germantown WI

Thank you Jim
I never knew a dumpster in my driveway would make me so happy!!!!

Sara L - Brookfield WI

Thanks for your help Jim, I'll be telling others in the area about my good experience!

Tracy- Milwaukee WI

Thanks Jim - appreciate the service. I really like the online ordering! I believe within the next few weeks we may order another smaller one from you.

Laura - Waukesha WI


Thank You for Being so quick to get the dumpster on location and for the discount.

M Shultz - Waukesha WI

(The Dumpster Main Street/ Hwy 60) in Jackson WI is ready for pick up! It turned out to be the perfect size! Thank you again for your help and service~ when we are in the market for a dumpster again, we will certainly call on you!

Sincerely, Kim

Hi Jim,

We are writing to say how pleased we have been with your dumpster service. The price is the best that we can find in Milwaukee and online ordering is quick and easy. The other companies we called took forever to get back to us. By the time a couple of them finally did, your dumpster was already placed neatly, per our exact instructions. When we are busy, we do not want to play phone tag. We simply want to drop the order and instructions and trust that it will get done. Thanks for a positive experience.

Christopher Laurent and Lauren Harper
Cream City Development

Thank you Jim! I appreciate your time and effort in following thru on your word (going the extra mile) in addition to getting the dumpster delivered and filling it as well. I will be in touch within the month of June to have the dumpster picked up. Enjoy a fantastic month!

Kim - Brookfield, Wisconsin

Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.


To my customer. I may not have the answer, but I'll find it. I may not have the time, but I'll make it.


Hello Jim-

My roofing project is complete & I appreciate the fast delivery (a day ahead of time). I called yesterday and left a message. The dumpster is ready for pick up. Kenosha, WI. 53140 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Jamie - Port Washington

Jim, thanks for your help with our roofing project. "Obviously", we had no roofing experience and you took the time with all our questions about dumpsters sizes and roofing squares. Everthing went well as we lucked out with the weather. Just wanted to say thanks.

Sara L. Waukesha WI

To whom this may concern. Just wanted to let you know that I'm glad I found your comany on line. We had 30 years of junk in our house and found your dumpster rental service to be just as easy as you claimed.

Good job and thanks - Bill, West Bend WI

This was my first time having to deal with a lot of garbage. I had an entire house to clean out with my brother. 33 years of accumulation from top to bottom plus a garage. I just wanted to say thank you for your help with all my questions and I enjoyed your web site as it was very helpful when it came time to sort through the various items we needed to deal with. I may need to call you in the spring.

Thanks Jim

Jeanette S - Whitefish Bay

The dumpster at N. 47th Street in Milwaukee is ready for pickup. Everything worked out very well. You delivered it on time, and I appreciated that. If you have any questions, please call my cell phone:XXXXX

Thank you! William K -Greenfield, Wisconsin

Thanks Jim. Thank you for always being so accommodating for us. It makes it so much easier for us and I am pleased I found you online.

John Q - Bayside, WI

Hi there

I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased we were with your company. We called to order our dumpster and all of our questions were answered, the man we spoke to was able to recommend a dumpster size based on our project, and than he told us would get a better deal if we ordered our dumpster off the website. Check out was quick and easy, we received a confirmation call and than our dumpster was delivered on the morning of the day we requested it for. We chalked out on the drive where we would like it and the delivery driver got it in the perfect spot without a problem. The driver was very friendly and courteous and answered another question for us. The dumpster its self was surprisingly clean, the swing out door made loading it up a cinch. When the dumpster was full, we called and left a message. Got a call back later that evening to confirm and the dumpster was picked up the next day. Wonderful service, very happy with the company and we will definitely use Milwaukee Dumpster Rental again for future projects.

The Gannon-Mihors - Caledonia, WI

Thanks Jim. What can we do, but that will be the only dumpster over tonage that apparently had brick from our chimney in it. Thanks for all of your assistance and quick replies to my requests. You are a huge help to us. Talk to you soon as we will be soon calling for a 7th dumpster.

NUTS!- Shorewood, Wisconsin


Thank you for all your assistance, you certainly came through for us in a pinch and that will be remembered. I will definitely refer your professional and quality services to others.

Respectfully, John W Business Manager - Waukesha WI

Hello Jim,

It took all weekend, but i managed to fill the dumpster, and it is now ready to be removed. I appreciate the quick delivery on Friday, it really helped out after the storm. Please let me know if I owe anything above the rental price.


Derreck R Glendale, WI 53209

I just wanted to say thanks for the great service. The dumpster was dropped off on time & right where I wanted it. The driver has skills. The pickup went just as smoothly & was picked up within 24 hours of requesting it. My neighbor still has the dumpster in their driveway a week after they've requested pickup from another company. Ha.

Thanks again. S.G - Wauwatosa, WI


The 20 yard dumpster at XXX Clover Ln. is ready to be picked up. Thank you for your services!

Alice P - Slinger WI

Thanks again. You've dropped/picked up here before and although a relatively tight drive, you've done a great job positioning the unit and not damaging anything. Many thanks.

Regards, Chris - Pewaukee WI

Jim - you can pick us the 3rd dumpster - we have it filled. At this time - we will not need any additional dumpster delivered. Thank you for the prompt service that you have given us over the past two months - it has been greatly appreciated! We will most likely require a 4th dumpster in the coming weeks - just not at this time.

Sincerely, Craig - Elm Grove,WI


Well, I completely underestimated the size of container that I needed for my job. I have already filled up the 20 yard dumpster that you dropped this AM and am hoping that it's possible to pick up this dumpster and deliver a empty 30 yard dumpster tomorrow. I'm very sorry for the short notice. Whoever dropped off the dumpster did a really awesome job with the placement and consideration for the new concrete driveway, so I really thank you - incredible attention to detail, you guys are the best, I'm promoting you to everybody I know that needs dumpsters. Thanks for letting me know if you can accommodate my request for another dumpster.

Miles G& Sheboygan WI


We're all done with the second dumpster, so it can be picked up. Thanks again for your superb timeliness and professionalism; it was great working with you. Thank you Jim, so brilliantly easy!

Samm - Sussex, WI

Hi Jim,

The dumpster at XXX hwy S in Kewaskum is full and ready to be picked up. thanks again for making this an easy thing.

Tom Kewauskum WI

Hello Jim,

The 30 yard dumpster i rented is full, and can be picked up whenever you can. you were also right in that i'm going to need another 30 yard dumpster. so, if it's possible you can just bill the credit card you billed the first one on. if not, let me know and I'll call you to do it all again. Thanks a bunch...nice pricing on your rentals.

Tom, Bay View, WI

Hi Jim!

Thank you for picking up our dumpster early this morning! Working with you was pleasant, easy and smooth and we will return as soon as we'll start more remodeling projects!!!
Have a great day!
Best wishes
Irma     New Berlin

Hi Jim, We are ready for the final dumpster to be picked up in Milwaukee.  Thanks for all your help and timely responses on email.  There are not too many in the construction field as tech savvy as you and it sure saves time on my end.  We will email you when we begin the interior work.

-Ryan - Menomonee Falls WI

Thanks for your help, we will be in need of a few dumpsters in West Allis in about two weeks or so. You have the best price on 20 and 30 yard dumpsters. Talk to you soon.

West Allis WI

Jim, The dumpster that you delivered to XXX Sierra Ln in Mequon is ready to be picked up, Thank you very much, next year when we replace the roof we will call you again.

Wayne - Mequon WI

Hey Jim,
I wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that you can come remove the dumpster from my house.  I also wanted to let you know that I will refer anybody to you that may need a dumpster. You were awsome to deal with and very friendly. The speedy delivery was also a really nice thing. Thanks for allowing me to keep it longer. It helped out a great deal. Again you thank you for the awsome Service.

Andrea H Cudahy WI

Thanks Jim I got your voicemail. I appreciate it. Look forward to using you more in the future!

Brad - Oak Creek, WI

Thank you very much, the dumpster arrived right on time, was placed exactly where I needed it. And the price was great. I am finished with the dumpster and it can be picked up anythime you are ready.

Matt D. Delafield WI

Jim, the best prices in Milwaukee on dumpsters / roll offs, just like your add said. Thanks for making this easy.

Bill S. West Milwaukee WI

WOW, you really do have the best prices on roll off/ dumpsters, I called every one and now I'm ready to order a 30 yrd container for Racine this afternoon. Thanks for having all the info on your web site. very nice.

Beth A. Racine, WI

A contractors dream, I'm always a little skeptical when I see "the best prices on roll off/ dumpsters", I'm glad it's true, I work anywhere from Fond Du Lac / Sheboygan / West Bend across to Milwaukee/ Waukesha and to Pewaukee. Just want to say thanks for making this easy.

George H Cedarburg WI

Hello Jim, I'm done with my dumpster, This is my first time ordering a dumpster and I want to thank you for making it easy. Nice price as well.

Jim L Grafton

Dear Jim,

Just a quick email to say thank you for the years of excellent service regarding the dumpsters. You guys are hard to beat when it comes to service and price!

Thanks again,

Jeff Horwath Family Builders
Harland, WI

Thanks for your help with all my clean up needs. You make the difference when it comes to service.

Mike Bartelt
Reality Construction, LLC
West Bend, WI

Thank you Jim for your service to my company. I appreciate the fact that when I call you, I will not get your voice mail. It just makes my day go a little smoother.

Mark Pickerel
Woodland Remodelers Elm Grove, WI

Thanks Jim. It’s good to know that you’re always there to make sure the job gets done.

Paul Polewski
New Castle Homes
Muskego, WI

Jim, you’re the best. Your pricing is great, your service is above and beyond. Best of luck to you and your family.

Ben Stahl
Stahl Construction
Dousman, WI


You welcome thanks for putting up the web site. Very easy to book and works well. Understand the shingle weight 4 ton Cap.

Jeff F. Sheboygan WI

"We needed a dumpster in Cudahy and Jim had one to us the next day. Kind, courteous, and fast. Thank you Milwaukee Dumpster Rental!

~ Paul and Rebecca, Cudahy WI"

Hey Jim, the dumpster in South Milwaukee, can be picked up. I was able to get everything I needed done. Thanks for letting me have it those few extra days. I will definitely be refering you to others when the need for a dumpster arises. Thanks again.

Daniel H. South Milwaukee WI


You welcome thanks for putting up the web site. Very easy to book and works well. Understand the shingle weight 4 ton Cap.

Jeff Saukville WI

The dumpster on Howell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207 is ready to be picked up. Thank you for your quick and fantastic service.

Luke B Jackson WI

Thanks Jim,

Could you please pick up the dumpster at XXX. They are done with the job. Thank you for your excellant service. We will continue to use you for our dumpster needs.

A New Dawn Real Estate Services, LLC
DH Home Improvement, LLC
2324 Hwy A, Belgium WI 53004


I have completed use of the dumpster and it can be picked up at any time. Thank you for your service of this account and I will not hesitate to speak highly of your professional service should I or anybody that I know, require the use of a dumpster in the future.

Philip W - Fox Point WI

Thanks so much for your timely service. You have the best price. I will be sure to use you in the spring.

JB Adams Germantown, WI

Hi Jim, just wanted to let you know that the box delivered to 4603 N 29th Street Milwaukee Wi is ready for pick up. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Sareea Waterford WI

Jim, I wanted to thank you for the great dumpster service you provided. The price was good, quick delivery and pickup, no hidden fees or taxes. Thanks a lot. I've already recommended you.

Brian 54th St. Milwaukee, WI

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