Rent a dumpster for my residence in Wauwatosa WI

What size dumpsters can I get in Wauwatosa?Wauwatosa Dumpster Rental

8 yrd, 10 yrd, 15 yrd, 20 yrd, 30 yrd and 40 yrd dumpsters.  There are 2 styles of dumpsters, Roll off and lugger. **Because of the narrow driveways and streets in Tosa, the lugger style dumpster seems to be the choice of most homeowners. 

What is a lugger dumpster?

The lugger dumpster has higher sides and a smaller, flat bottom base.  It has a hexagonal shape and is generally used for scrap metal but is not limited to scrap metal. The Lugger has no gate in the back. What are the dimensions of a Lugger?

What is a roll off dumpster? 

A Roll Off dumpster is the common dumpster that is found on most constructions sites. Roll of dumpster dimensions. It has a gate in the back of the container that is used for loading and unloading the dumpster.

What is the cost of a dumpster rental in Wauwatosa?  

We have a flat low rate pricing system for all of our dumpsters. Prices are listed online and they include up to a certain ton known as a ton cap.  When the contents of the dumpster go over the ton cap there is an additional charge. Save money when you order your dumpster online. 

Will my dumpster fit on my driveway? 

Most likely yes.  Not every driveway in Tosa is narrow but many are.  We recommend renting the lugger dumpster to fit on narrow driveways and parking slabs through the back alleyways. In the event that you do not have a space for your dumpster on your property, you will need to get a street permit from the DPW of Wauwatosa.  

Call Paul Fassbender at 414-531-6657

Do I need a street permit for a dumpster on my street?  

Yes. Call Paul Fassbender at 414-531-6657. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. There have been some recent changes in the rules on street permits for dumpsters in Wauwatosa.

Check out some basic information on putting a dumpster on the street.

What can I throw into a dumpster? 

Check out our list of items that you cannot place in a dumpster.  The main things that are not allowed in a dumpster are liquids, electronics, appliances, tires and anything that is considered hazardous.