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Budget type Dumpster vs. Milwaukee Dumpster Rental Services

Budget type dumpster rentals have low ton caps

Average weight in a 12 yrd Dumpster is Approx.  1.50 Ton
Average weight in a 20 yrd Dumpster is Approx.  2.30 Ton
Average weight in a 30 yrd Dumpster is Approx.  3.85 Ton

Beware of low ton caps 

Low ton caps are simply a way of hiding cost until the dumpster is picked up and weighed.  You could be charged up to $1200 extra for your dumpster rental for tonnage alone. A 30 yrd dumpster can hold up to 18 ton and this could mean a heavy charge for you in the end. 30 yrd dumpsters can weigh up to 6 ton when fully utilized just for household debris. Large quantities of wood, paper, carpet, yard waste, furniture mattresses can add up in weight. Do not assume that your household debris will weigh less than 2 ton when you order a 30yrd dumpster.

Budget type dumpsters can cost 3X as much as a Milwaukee Dumpster Rental

It is true. When you consider the low ton cap and the number of days that you can rent your dumpster, your cost for a dumpster rental can easily triple in price.  Budget type dumpsters offer a 2 ton cap on a 30yrd roll off dumpster.  If your dumpster is over by only 3 ton totaling 5 ton (Milwaukee Dumpster Ton Cap) that will be an extra $225 charged to you.  Additionally, with a budget dumpster rental if you keep your dumpster up to 15 days (Milwaukee Dumpster rental term) that will be an additional charge of $15 per day for 15 days equal to $225. You could easily pay $450 plus the initial cost for that 30 yard dumpster. How much is a Milwaukee Dumpster Rental?

Budget type dumpster rentals have slower service

The lead times on a budget type dumpster rental are 2-3 days. This applies to removals as well. Milwaukee dumpster rental can typically deliver the same day if the dumpster is ordered early in the am. Our lead times on delivery, exchanges and removals are generally 1-2 days. You can order your dumpster with Milwaukee dumpster rental 24/7 with our online ordering system. This will save you an additional $20 on the best value in Milwaukee for dumpsters.  Can’t sleep?  Try ordering a dumpster online from your phone and get something done before 5am.

Budget type dumpster rentals are limited in their service

In addition to offering dumpster rental in the greater Milwaukee area we provide many different types of waste management services for you.  We offer 8 different sizes and 2 types of dumpsters, Roll off and Luggers.  We offer a curb-side junk removal pick up service for those of you who do not have the room for a dumpster on your property. For those of you who do not want to pull a dumpster street permit or want a dumpster filled up by your neighbors we offer a 1 day dumpster rental service.  We also provide recycling specials at a reduced price for concrete, dirt, asphalt, brick dumpsters without a ton cap. We have specials on No Ton Cap roofing dumpsters as well.  Check out our low dumpster prices and all the different sizes in dumpsters and services.