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What is the best size dumpster?

The 20 yard roll off20 Yard Roll Off Best Size

The 20 yard dumpster is the best in my opinion.  It is not the most popular. The 30yrd roll off dumpster is the most popular by far.  The smartest decision may be to order a 20yrd roll off and here is why.

A 20 yard roll off have a friendly height

In general roll off dumpsters have similar base dimensions. They can measure a little differently per each hauler’s specifications. 12yrd dumpsters can be a made 4’ shorter. A common base size is 22’ long by 7’ wide. The 12, 20 and 30 yard roll off dumpsters have gates that swing open in the back. The difference in the cubic yardage is determined by the height of the container. Roll off dumpsters have a swing gate in the back that make it easy to walk in heavier items.

The loading advantage  

The sides of the 20yrd are approximately 3-4 feet tall. This is an advantage for loading. When a 30 yard (5.5’ tall) or 40 yard dumpster (7’ tall) is on site there is a point where the dumpster gate needs to be closed due to the amount of debris that is in the container.  At this point debris is tossed over the sides and as a result you will only be utilizing half the space that is available. With a 20yrd roll off on site it will be easier to manage all debris and maximize the room in your dumpster. If the 20 yard dumpster is loaded properly you should be able to fit what normally fits into a 30yrd. See?

Bang for your buck – Load with care

The price difference between different sized dumpsters is usually in a range of $30 to $80. If your dumpster is loaded with care you will be able to fit 30 yards of debris into a 20 yard dumpster. To load with care means to break down any item that you can and lay it flat no matter what it is. Furniture, boxes, clothing material, shelving.

This makes a huge difference. Be mindful of the weight you are loading into the dumpster. If you suspect that you may go over the ton cap it may make sense to purchase the dumpster that has a higher ton cap.

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