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Dumpsters vs. Bagsters

Which Option For Junk Removal Should You Choose?

Prepare for a learning experience if you order a Bagster. Unlike a metal dumpster, a Bagster’s sides are not rigid. Loading items into them can quickly devolve into a tricky ordeal. The most complicated issue with a dumpster rental, however, is simply determining where the dumpster can be placed – it usually only involves a quick internet search or a phone call to your municipal offices.

When you order a dumpster, there’s a variety of sizes to choose from. Each container is capable of carrying a different weight. 

But with a Bagster, there’s only one size to choose from. Bagsters limit the ability to scale upward unless an entirely new bag is ordered to contain the overflow. Dumpsters, on the other hand, are easier to work with – there’s no additional fee for pickup, nor the hassle of ordering another Bagster when the trash continues to pile up.

 In short: Using a Bagster can quickly become more complicated than ordering a dumpster.

Available Dumpsters

Bagster Disadvantages & Cons Dumpster or Bagster for junk removal? The choice is clearer than you think.

A Bagster is a collapsible bag made of fabric. It’s able to hold up to 3,300 pounds of waste. While they take up less space than dumpsters, a Bagster is suitable only for small-scale rubbish removal. They’re purchased for one-time use and disposed of along with the garbage they contain.

Bagster Cons

  1. Limited Waste Capacity: Bagsters have a limited capacity, and once filled, they can become very heavy and difficult to transport.

  2. Availability: Bagsters may not be available in all areas, and it may take time for a new one to be delivered if one is needed.

  3. Cost: While the cost of a Bagster may be lower than a traditional dumpster rental, it can still add up if multiple pickups are needed.

  4. Limited Types of Waste: Bagsters are designed for household and construction waste, and they may not be suitable for hazardous or toxic materials.

  5. Weather Sensitivity: The bags can be susceptible to tearing or damage if left outside in inclement weather.

  6. Difficulty in Loading: The bags are not on wheels and may require manual handling to move them into place, which can be difficult for larger loads or people with limited mobility.

Comparison By the Numbers

Bagsters are available in one size with a maximum volume of three cubic yards. They hold up to 3,300 pounds when optimally loaded. On the other hand, our lugger and roll-off dumpsters range in size from 8 cubic yards all the way to 40 cubic yards. 




Capacity (cubic yards)



Max weight (pounds)




Small household projects

Household, commercial and construction disposal and clean-ups

Dumpsters: The Best Option for Big Projects

Dumpsters are the go-to choice for contractors and large cleanup projects. They’re built strong with durable material and suitable for heavy loads or frequent use – Bagsters are made of fabric and can’t take the complete variety of trash compared to dumpsters.

From smaller luggers to massive roll-offs, dumpsters can accommodate waste generated by nearly any job site. They’re the preferred option for heavy projects because Bagsters simply can’t compete with a dumpster’s robustness.

The amount of trash a cleanup project generates can quickly exceed expectations. With a Bagster, you’re locked into just a few cubic meters of waste. The same cannot be said for our dumpsters – the smallest option is 8 cubic yards. That’s more than two times the size of a Bagster.

What Can Be Thrown Out In a Bagster and Dumpster?

There are key differences in what can be disposed of in a Bagster compared to a dumpster.

Type of Waste

Bagster Safe?

Dumpster Safe?

Household waste






Yard waste



Small appliances





Yes (with some restrictions)

Hazardous waste



Concrete or construction material



Please note: Hazardous items like batteries, chemicals and paints can’t be disposed of in either dumpsters or Bagster. Also, restrictions on acceptable items may vary by region and waste removal company. It’s best to check with your local waste management authority to learn the specific guidelines. View full list of restricted materials in dumpsters before you place an order.

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