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Safely Dispose of Metal Waste with Metal Only Dumpsters

A Sustainable Solution

If you are looking to save money on a project, separating waste metal from other materials is a good place to start. When renting a metal-only dumpster through Milwaukee Dumpster Rental, we will split the money earned from recycling the metal with you. Materials like aluminum, steel, brass, and copper can all be recycled. If you are throwing away metal bed frames, bikes, lawnmowers, dumbbells, exercise equipment, lawn furniture, car parts, tire rims, aluminum siding, steel siding, metal roof panels, storm doors, copper pipes, etc, renting a dumpster exclusively for the metal could be worth it! Another advantage to an all-metal dumpster is disposing of items that are restricted in dumpsters, such as car parts and tire rims. It is important to remember that all non-metals must be removed from the items being thrown into the metal-only dumpster. This might include items like fluids, plastic wheels, plastic handles, rubber handles, and o-rings.

Remove Clutter and Maximize Your Space

When cleaning a barn or garage, you may find some large items that add a significant amount of weight and take up a significant amount of room in your dumpster. Metal farm equipment such as poles, fencing, feeding bins, doors, troughs, and dog bowls can take up a lot of room. When cleaning out your garage, you will probably find old bikes, metal bed frames, tire rims, metal swimming pool, beer or soda cans, and that old swing set staring at you from the backyard. These are the types of items that cause you to order a second dumpster and those metal items will be dumped at the local landfill.

Unite the Community

Order any size dumpster for metal, recycle, and save money.  If the metal is heavy enough, you may be able to make a couple of extra bucks.  If you have any room in your dumpster, ask your neighbors if they have any of the above-mentioned items that they would like to get rid of. You will be the coolest and smartest guy on the block.

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