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Street permits for the Milwaukee Area

Placing a Dumpster on the street in Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee requires a permit for any dumpster placed in the public right-of-way (street, sidewalk, or alley).  To place a dumpster in the street in the City of Milwaukee there are some things the dumpster rental company will need to know first. 

  1.  Do you need a 7 day street permit. The estimated cost is $175
  2.  Do you need a 30 day permit. The estimated cost is $250 

**  Prices are subject to change due to the classification of the street by the DPW.

Street Barricades

The City of Milwaukee requires two flashing barricades for a cost of $75. The barricades are required by law as a safety measure. The barricades will arrive 1 day before the container is delivered and will be removed one day after the container is removed. The barricades must be spread out about 60ft.  Tip - use rope or caution tape (you can purchase at any local hardware store ) and secure the area where the container will be dropped off.  By securing off the area you are giving the driver plenty of room to back in and unload the container in a safe area.

Keep Unwanted Waste OUT

Placing a container in the street also will attract other people to place their own items in the container without your knowledge. Purchasing a large inexpensive tarp from the hardware store ( enough to cover the top and sides of the box ) will help with people tossing items away, you will also want to strap the tap down using rope of bungee straps so it does not blow off when not in use and  it makes it harder for someone to toss their own items into your container.

Milwaukee and Surronding Counties: Street Permitting

Areas outside of the city of Milwaukee such as South Milwaukee, West Allis, Brookfield, Franklin, Muskego, White Fish Bay, Mequon, Germantown, Hartford Wisconsin, Port Washington will have their own requirements. Please note that once the permits have been secured and the barricades are ordered and if you need to cancel the dumpster the permits and barricades are non refundable.

Street Permits for Dumpster Rentals In Milwaukee, WI

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