Dumpster rentals in Brown Deer, WI

How do I order a dumpster for Brown Deer?30-yard Dumspter Rental Brown Deer

Call (414) 550-2988 or order online for a dumpster rental from Milwaukee Dumpster Rentals. Rent the dumpster for a full 15 days or have it removed early. If the dumpster becomes filled and you need another, exchange it for an empty container. Your 15 days starts over with another charge. Check out all our dumpster rental sizes and prices.

Size Type Capacity  Price
 8 Yards   Lugger 2 Tons   $450*
 10 Yards   Lugger 2 Tons   $455*
 12 Yards   Roll-off 2 Tons   $460*
 15 Yards   Lugger or Roll-Off  3 Tons   $480*
 20 Yards   Lugger or Roll-Off 3 Tons   $495*
 30 Yards   Roll-Off 4 Tons   $525*
 40 Yards   Roll-Off 5 Tons   $640*

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What is the Difference Between a Roll-Off Dumpster and a Lugger Dumpster?

roll-off dumpster has wheels for easy placement and a gate that opens for convenience. Roll-off dumpsters are perfect for household cleanups, and our larger roll-off dumpster rentals are great for estates and construction projects.

If a roll-off dumpster is too large for your property, we also offer lugger dumpster rentals. The lugger does not have a gate but does have a shorter side to toss trash into it. It Is great for cleaning out your garage or spring cleaning, yard waste and general trash. Different roll-off dumpster rental sizes have certain ton limits.

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What Items Can’t I Put in a Dumpster?

Certain items are restricted from landfills in Greenfield, including:

Does Milwaukee Dumpster Rental offer junk pick-up?

Milwaukee Dumpster Rental's junk pick-up service is perfecr for customers without the necessary space to put a dumpster. We send workers out with a 15-yard trailer, load your junk, and haul it off. Stage your junk in the garage or outside prior to our arrival. With our junk removal service, we can take almost anything that cannot be put into a dumpster. Call Milwaukee Dumpster Rental at (414) 550-2988 or visit our website for junk-removal rates.  

How soon can I get a dumpster?

Orders made before 10 a.m. can often be delivered the same day. Usually, a dumpster rental is delivered within 24 hours. Same-day delivery is more difficult on weekdays.

How many asphalt roofing shingles fit into a dumpster?

This will depend on how many roofing shingles you have to remove. You can refer to our chart for more information. A 12-yard dumpster rental can hold 30 roofing squares, a 20-yard dumpster can hold up to 50 roofing squares, and a 30-yard dumpster can hold approximately 70 roofing squares. We offer specials rates for recyclable products like asphalt shingles.

Can I Get Dumpster Rentals For Dirt and Concrete?

If you need a dumpster rental for dirt or concrete, the largest that can be used is a 12-yard container. Keep your dirt, concrete and asphalt "clean" from being intermixed with other items and they can be recycled with tonnage fees waved.

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