Dumpster Rentals in Menomonee Falls, WI

Affordable Menomonee Falls Dumpster RentalDumpster Rental Menomonee Falls

Looking for affordable dumpster rentals for your remodeling or construction project? Milwaukee Dumpster Rental has the lowest prices and the longest rental period for roll off and lugger dumpsters in Menomonee Falls. 

We price all our dumpsters at a flat rate with a tonnage cap, and you can keep your roll off or lugger dumpster up to 15 days. Extra fees per day may be charged after 15 days. Order your dumpster online today to save $20 off the final price.

Size Type Capacity  Price
 8 Yards   Lugger 2 Tons   $450*
 10 Yards   Lugger 2 Tons   $455*
 12 Yards   Roll-off 2 Tons   $460*
 15 Yards   Lugger or Roll-Off  3 Tons   $480*
 20 Yards   Lugger or Roll-Off 3 Tons   $495*
 30 Yards   Roll-Off 4 Tons   $525*
 40 Yards   Roll-Off 5 Tons   $640*

*Save $20 when you order online! 

Dumpster Items Restrictions

Certain items are restricted from landfills in Menomonee Falls, including: 

You can check out our complete list of restricted items that can and can’t be placed in a dumpster rental. We have a wide range of dumpster sizes in styles such as roll off and lugger for all of your waste management needs. Get proper junk removal services for jobs such as construction, household cleaning, hoarding, demolition, remodeling, dirt removal, concrete removal, and roofing.

Save $20.00 when you order Online

Can Dumpsters be Used for Junk Removal?

Yes, they can. Our junk removal and hauling service is an easy and convenient way to safely dispose of items normally restricted from dumpster rentals, including appliances, electronics, chemicals, and more. Learn more about our junk removal services in the Milwaukee area.

What Size Dumpster Do I Need for My Menomonee Falls Project?

The dumpster size you will need for your project will depend on how much you’re throwing away and what type of material you are removing. Lugger dumpsters are useful for smaller jobs, such as a home remodeling project, whereas roll-offs are better for larger jobs, like at a construction site. Check out all of our dumpster sizes to see what dumpster you need for your particular project.

Can I Use a Dumpster for Concrete or Asphalt?

You can, although different rules apply when hauling concrete, dirt, or asphalt. Call us at 414-550-2988 to learn more about our concrete dumpsters and order yours today.

Do I need a dumpster permit in Menomonee Falls? 

Yes. If your dumpster obstructs the public right-of-way, you'll need to fill out a Dumpster / Container permit and email the form to es@menomonee-falls.org.

Order a dumpster online from Milwaukee Dumpster Rental today to save an extra $20 from the final price.