Shorewood, WI Dumpster Rentals

What size dumpster do you need?What Can You Throw Away in a Dumpster?

We have a variety of dumpsters available for rent, depending on the size and scope of your project. 20 yrd and 30 yrd roll off dumpster are the most commonly rented options. They work well for household cleanups and construction projects. A 12 yrd roll-off is good for rental units and small renovation projects. Check out our dumpster price page for more information. 

Size Type Capacity  Price
 8 Yards   Lugger 2 Tons   $450*
 10 Yards   Lugger 2 Tons   $455*
 12 Yards   Roll-off 2 Tons   $460*
 15 Yards   Lugger or Roll-Off  3 Tons   $480*
 20 Yards   Lugger or Roll-Off 3 Tons   $495*
 30 Yards   Roll-Off 4 Tons   $525*
 40 Yards   Roll-Off 5 Tons   $640*

*Save $20 when you order online! 

Save $20.00 when you order online

What size dumpster do you need for an asphalt roofing job?

The size of your roofing job will determine the size of dumpster you need. An easy rule of thumb to remember is: 1 roofing square is the equivalent of 100 square feet of shingles. 3 bundles of shingles is the same as 1 roofing square. Therefore: 

  • 7-yard dumpsters

    • Can transport up to 7 asphalt roofing squares

  • 15-yard dumpsters

    • Can transport up to 35 asphalt roofing squares

  • 20-yards dumpsters

    • Can transport up to 50 asphalt roofing squares

  • 30-yards dumpsters

    • Can transport up to 75 asphalt roofing squares

How much does a dumpster cost for waste management?

Our prices range from $385 to $595 and will vary depending on your project needs. Place your order online and save $20 instantly. Keep your dumpster for up to 15 days for no additional cost. 

What items aren't allowed in a dumpster?

Certain items are restricted from landfills in Shorewood, including: 

Junk removal service for restricted items

Items such as dishwashers, appliances and electronics are not allowed in a dumpster. We have a separate junk removal service for these items. Simply stage your items in an area where we can access them and our team will pick them up and dispose of them properly. 

Is there a specified time frame I can rent the dumpster?

The dumpster is yours for up to 15 days. You can keep the dumpster longer for an additional charge of $12/day or you can exchange it for the price of another dumpster. Once you're finished, just give us a call and we'll pick it up for you.  

Do I need a dumpster permit in Shorewood?

Yes. The city of Shorewood requires permits for dumpsters. If the dumpster blocks the public right of way, you'll need to buy a $75 obstruct permit. If the dumpster rests on private property, you'll need a $50 temporary storage on private property permit.  

Need a dumpster rental for your Shorewood project? Order a dumpster online today and save $20.