Dumpster Rental for Kenosha Racine WI

Professional Waste Management for the Southeast Wisconsin AreaDumpster Rental Kenosha

Milwaukee Dumpster Rental serves the Racine and Kenosha areas. We offer a higher value at lower costs for all your waste management needs – we have a variety of roll off and lugger dumpsters for roofing shingles, concrete hauling, demo remodeling, and general construction waste removal. 

Renting a roofing dumpster in Racine and Kenosha WI

If you need to dispose of roofing shingles, you will need to find the right size dumpster for the number of shingles that need to be removed. We recycle asphalt roofing shingle material, and you can save up to $100 whenever you recycle. Each roof is shaped differently and has a variety of different pitches, therefore roll off dumpsters are best for roof tear-offs because of the ease in loading through the dumpster door.

How much to rent a dumpster?

All our dumpster are available online for you to make the best choice for your waste removal project. Our dumpsters have flat rate prices and have a ton cap. Any weight over the ton cap is charged a fee. All other fees such as fuel tipping and things like administrative are built into the price. Call us before you rent a dumpster for concrete material. Ton caps do not apply if the dumpsters are kept “clean” meaning no other material mixed with the concrete. If the load is “clean” the dumpster will have a cheaper price because it will be recycled.

Can I place a dumpster on the street?Dumpster Rental Racine

If your dumpster does not fit in your driveway, you may need to put it in the street. You as the customer are required to pull the street permit for your dumpster. For example, if you had to rent a dumpster in the downtown area of the Kenosha, you would have to seek permission from the city for street placement before the dumpster can be delivered. Learn more about pricing and delivery here

How long can I rent a dumpster?

We offer dumpster rentals for up to 15 days. If you need to rent a dumpster longer because of a personal emergency or that your project has stalled, please reach out to us before your time expires and we will be able to work with you on an individual basis. We also have a lower dumpster price with a higher ton cap and additional savings of $20 when you order your dumpster online.

Save an extra $20 when ordering your dumpster rental online! Call or email Milwaukee Dumpster Rental today.
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