Got Junk Milwaukee

Got Junk Milwaukee?  We can help.  Milwaukee Dumpster Rental offers a 15 day period at no additional cost.  Our junk hauling service allows you the time to sort through your items and allows flexibility for deciding between trash, treasures and recyclables.  If you don't want to pile your junk on your front lawn or at the end of  your driveway or allow strangers in your home, view the many different container sizes form Milwaukee Dumpster Rental  and put your debris in its proper place.

You may have a small amount of junk to pick up.  Milwaukee Dumpster Rental has listed all the Milwaukee area dumps and landfills for your convenience.  Many Milwaukee area cities, villages and towns offer a pick up service or drop off locations for small amounts of debris. Please compare prices and service to hauling your own junk and consider the convenience of having a dumpster rental for a long period of time at no additional cost. We have also provided a quick link for the recycling in the Milwaukee area.  Simply enter your zip code and find your local recycling center.     

Milwaukee Dumpster Rental will not pressure you when its time to clean up in the spring or fall. Our junk removal service will not charge you for extra days when you have a home renovation or remodeling project.  Longer rental periods with no hidden fees.
Dumpster service for new construction, demo and remodeling projects may even have a longer rental period without extra costs or penalties. 

Junk Hauling in the Milwaukee can be complicated.  Where can I take my garbage? What types of rubbish can I throw in a dumpster?  How can I get a street permit for a dumpster?
What can I recycle?  These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

 Dumpster rental tips - We try to make ordering a dumpster easy.  For example:  we have many different sizes of dumpsters  8 yard, 10 yard, 12 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard.   The three most common dumpster sizes are the 12 yard (small), 20 yard (medium) and 30 yard (Large).  These dumpsters have approximately the same base size (foot print).  The difference is in the height of the walls.  How much debris/ junk a dumpster can hold is really up to you.  Here is my personal point of reference for the amount of junk that can be hauled away in a 12 yard dumpster. When a fully loaded 12 yard dumpster is dumped on to the ground, it is the size of a mid size car (or) one car stalls of your garage. When Items are broken down and loaded flat you will be surprised by the amount of trash you will be able to fit into any dumpster size. We do carry two types of dumpsters.  Roll-offs and Luggers.  Luggers have a smaller base with higher sides and can fit into tight areas.  They are great for alleys and tight drive ways.

Ordering a dumpster is easy with Milwaukee Dumpster Rental.  Longer dumpster rental periods and no hidden fees.  Excellent service at a great price.
 Save $20 when you order online.  

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